Carbo Top is the Top Quality Group device that bases its effectiveness on the therapeutic administration of CO2. The equipment is designed according to the latest technical and scientific knowledge, and implements a widely tested technology in the medical-aesthetic field, such as Carboxytherapy. Carbo Top allows minimally invasive treatments to be carried out, which represent a valid supporting therapy for the improvement of microcirculation and skin rejuvenation.


Carboxytherapy in Aesthetic Medicine


Venous insufficiency, localised adiposity, psoriasis, stretch marks, cellulite, skin ulcers, alopecia, vasculopathies of lower and upper limbs, erectile disorders and face antiaging.


It is a type of treatment that consists in administering a certain amount of CO2 into the subcutaneous tissue to obtain a vasodilation in the microcirculation; this occurs because CO2 is the most potent vasodilator known. The therapy is minimally invasive and is carried out with one or more needles with an extremely small diameter, which are connected to the instrument and through which CO2 is blown at constant pressure, painlessly and diffusely.

“CPA” function

The “CPA” function allows the device to choose two settings alternatives:

  • 2 independent outputs settable from 5 to 300 cc/min;
  • 1 output settable from 300 to 600 cc/min.

Given that the therapeutic result is proportional to the technical performance of the device, CARBO TOP implements two particular technologies:
• Gas flow control and stabilisation based on the use of digitally-controlled high dynamic proportional valves that do not generate pressure peaks. In fact, peaks can cause undesirable sequelae especially in areas (the face for example) where even a small ecchymosis represents a source of patient dissatisfaction and/or discomfort. With this technology the flow gradually adapts to any resistance that is encountered in the subcutaneous tissue, guaranteeing, on the one hand, maintenance of the set flows, and on the other, the absence of micro-trauma to the vessels and nerves.
• Temperature control of the delivered gas improving patient compliance and facilitating the operator’s action.

All of the parameters are displayed on a generously-sized 10.1” colour touch screen.

The software is designed according to the Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] concept to make it intuitive and easy to use.

  • Power supply 100+240 V, 50+60 Hz
  • Max power consumption 100 W
  • Electrical safety class II BF
  • IP Protection rating IP40
  • 1+600 cc/min. gas flow settable from software
  • 7 bar max gas output pressure
  • 37+42 °C gas temperature adjustable from software
  • 2 independently adjustable outputs
  • 1″ colour touch screen with embedded PC
  • Operating temperature 0+40 °C
  • Operating humidity 30+75% without condensation
  • Dimensions L 45 x H 96 x D 41 cm
  • Weight 7 kg
  • 01 power cable
  • 01 footswitch
  • 01 carbo patient tube
  • 01 CO2 inlet tube
  • 01 CO2 inlet tube connector
  • 01 gas filter
  • 10 needles 30g 4mm
  • 10 needles 30g 6mm
  • 10 needles 30g 12mm
  • 10 needles 30g 25mm
  • 10 needles 30g 40mm

Provided by the customer:

  • 01 twin chamber reducer
  • 01 CO2 cylinder

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