Air Defence is the germicidal lamp designed to limit and eliminate the risks of airborne contamination; using 6 UV-C lamps, it destroys micro-organisms in the air, thereby allowing all the environments which we work and live in to be sanitised and made much safer.

MockUp Air DefenceLIGHT

The effectiveness of Air Defence sanitation is guaranteed by the 6 integrated UV-C lamps. In particular, 90% of the UV radiation emitted by these lamps is 254 nm, which is a scientifically recognised wavelength that is very effective for disinfection; this radiation, in fact, destroys micro-organisms by changing the genetic information contained in their DNA, thereby guaranteeing a reduction of 99.99%.
Air Defence draws in the air from the environment through a silent fan, and conveys it into the germicidal chamber of the purifier to be decontaminated from microbes and any chemical contaminants; in this way, universal air purification will be obtained.
The UV-C in Air Defence performs a constant germicidal action, eliminating the microbial load in the air and continuously reducing the bacterial load in the environment.


Air Defence purifies 150 m3/h.
From the moment it is switched on, the speed to sanitise the environment which it is placed in also depends on the size. Air flows (people entering and exiting the environment) lengthen the sanitation times and suggest using more units or Air Defence Plus


– It can be used in all environments, since it produces an uninterrupted disinfectant action and prevents dispersion and distribution of any dangerous pathogens.

– It allows you to treat the air 24/7, without any risk and no contraindication for the people present. The uninterrupted disinfectant action guarantees continuous control of the bacterial load of the areas and the certainty of keeping the microbial load always under control.

– It is designed to disinfect in a simple, immediate and safe way, without generating heat, without liquids and chemicals being used and with no contraindications.

– 6 x 25 Watts UV-C lamps
– Sequential air circuit in a germicide chamber
– Germicidal internal chamber in reflective surfaces
– External body in lacquered and powder coated aluminium
– Use in the presence of people – Continuity of treatment
– 24/7 – Continuous operation mode
– Filter to eliminate pollutants and inorganics
– Power supply with electronic ballast for UV-C lamps
– Ambient temperature: ‐10°C to +55°
– Size L25 A70 P20

– Voltage 230 V ~±10%
– Frequency 50 Hz
– Max Consumption 250 Watts