Velvet Tmj Tec is the non-invasive district technology with capacitive and resistive diathermy and electroporation, which can be used in daily physiotherapy practice and for the treatment of TMJ disorders.


Capacitive and Resistive Diathermy

In addition to the Daily dental practice and TMD therapy, Velvet TMJ Tec allows the following treatment:

Other osteoarticular, ligamental, tendinous pathologies.


A non-invasive and painless method which helps increase blood circulation and vasodilation in the affected area, thanks to an applicator that can induce a temperature increase in the dermis, thereby guaranteeing minimisation of the symptoms that cause adverse effects in the patient from the very first treatments.


A non-invasive and painless method that can be defined as a “virtual syringe”: a particular electromagnetic pulse causes an active ingredient to be absorbed via the transdermal route without needles, thereby guaranteeing a higher concentration and efficacy of the beneficial effects solely in the affected areas.


“Velvet TMJ Full effectively and rapidly treats pathologies of knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, vertebral column, hands and muscles, as well as painful inflammatory, degenerative osteoarticular and muscular disorders such as arthrosis, low back pain and sciatica.

From the first application, tissue stimulation already produces a significant reduction of the symptomatology, increases blood circulation and oxygen tension in the treated area, generates vasodilation, reduces muscle contractures, facilitates the reabsorption of oedemas.”

  • Power supply 100÷240 V, 50÷60 Hz
  • Max power consumption 450 W
  • Electrical safety class II BF
  • IP Protection rating IP40
  • Max RF output power 150 W @ 50 ohm
  • RF Emission Frequency 500 MHz, 1000kHz settable from software
  • Capacitive/Resistive emission type
  • Monopolar / Bipolar functions
  • Max electroporation voltage 120 V @1000 ohm
  • Electroporation impulses 1÷3000 Hzsettable from software
  • Complex electroporation wave formsettable from software
  • 1″” colour touch screen with embedded PC
  • Operating temperature 0÷40 °C
  • Operating humidity 30÷75% without condensation
  • Dimensions L 45 x H 96 x D 41 cm
  • Weight 7 kg

– Feedback of the impedance of the treated area to adapt treatment parameters to the patient’s individual conditions.
– Option of setting two frequencies via software: 500 kHz for deeper pathologies and 1 MHz for more superficial pathologies.
– Option of setting monopolar or bipolar mode via software without changing transducers.
– Option of setting capacitive or resistive mode via software without changing transducers.
– Capacitive transducer without epoxy coating.
– All of the parameters are displayed on a generously-sized 10.1” colour touch screen.
– The software is set up according to the Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] concept to make it intuitive and user-friendly.

  • 01 power cable
  • 01 elastic band
  • 01 TMJ transducer
  • 01 small district diathermy transducer
  • 01 big district diathermy transducer
  • 01 intraoral diathermy transducer
  • 01 steel plate
  • 01 steel plate cable
  • 01 cable for electroporation
  • 01 electroporation transducer
  • 01 deer plate electroporation

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