Laser Eclair  is the ideal Top Quality Group device for progressive hair removal treatments. The equipment is designed according to the latest technical and scientific knowledge, and implements a widely tested method in the aesthetic field, such as Diode Laser. Laser Eclair allows wide areas of the body to be treated quickly and completely painless, cutting session times in half in comparison to traditional methods.


Diode Laser in Aesthetic Medicine


Superficial hairs of face, superficial hairs of breast, superficial hairs of armpits, superficial hairs of groin, superficial hairs of arms, superficial hairs of legs, superficial hairs of shoulders and back, superficial hairs of chest .

Diode Laser

Photoepilation treatments are based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, whereby photonic energy (light) is absorbed by the hair’s melanin, causing damage to the follicle’s reproductive structures. The treatment is painless as the device is equipped with a skin cooling system that allows it to be used on any area with the exception of the eye contour area and mucous membranes.

  • Ultra quick sessions.
  • Removable hand piece.
  • Adjustable impulse speed (HZ frequency).
  • Power and frequency adjustment directly on the hand piece.
  • Combined cooling with liquid, Peltier and Chiller cells.
  • Size and weight reduced device: the lowest in its category.
  • All of the parameters are displayed on a generously-sized 10.1” colour touch screen.
  • The software is designed according to the Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] concept to make it intuitive and easy to use.
  • Power supply 100÷240 V, 50÷60 Hz
  • Max power consumption 1500 W
  • Electrical safety class I BF
  • IP Protection rating IP40
  • Laser safety class IV
  • Wave length 808 nm
  • Max laser power 600 W
  • Fluence max 40 J/cm2
  • Impulse duration 10÷300 ms settable from software
  • Repetition frequency 1÷12 Hz settable from software
  • Spot measurement 18×6 mm
  • Chiller gas cooling
  • Peltier skin cooling
  • 10″ colour touch screen with embedded PC
  • Operating temperature 0÷40 °C
  • Operating humidity 30÷75% without condensation
  • Dimensions L 40 x H 31 x D 23 cm
  • Weight 20 kg

  • 01 power cable
  • 01 footswitch
  • 01 start and interlock key
  • 01 laser handpiece
  • 01 water refill kit
  • 01 accessory case
  • 01 operator goggles
  • 01 blinkers

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